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TechCompass helps companies turn ideas into products, increase the value of technologies by tapping new markets, and align technologies with market needs. Consultation services include support for research and development of energy and environmental technologies, including design, testing and evaluation; technology implementation; and competitive assessments.

TechCompass expertise includes:

  • Alternative Fuels - biofuels, ethanol, GTL, hydrogen, methanol, natural gas, propane, etc.
  • Energy - biomass, combustion, energy storage, fuel cells, electric drivetrains, renewables
  • Environment - air pollution, emissions control, greenhouse gases, multi-media 
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  • Competitive Evaluation - independent comparative assessment relative to incumbent and competing technologies
  • Due Diligence - focused technical  assessment of potential merger and acquisition candidates
  • Product R&D Management - technical management support of R&D functions for start-ups
  • Technology Roadmap - milestone focused R&D pathway to meet technical and commercial targets
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  • Business Plan - corporate and technology development plan focused on potential investors
  • Funding Strategy - identification of near- and long-term funding sources for technology development, including government, venture capital, private equity, and debt financing
  • Market Trend Review - identification of technology, industry, and market trends and review of the impact on technology potential
  • Opportunity Assessment - review of technology, industry, and market trends to identify near-term, high-value opportunities 
  • Technology Investment - review and recommendations regarding technology investment opportunities
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  • Corporate - white papers, press releases, presentation materials, and support for corporate  filings
  • Government Relations - liaison with local, state, and federal government agencies and elected officials
  • Marketing Materials - brochures, white papers, and presentation materials targeted for selected audiences
  • Proposals - editing, writing, and strategic approach for proposals seeking funding from various sources
  • Project Reports - editing and writing support for technical reports, papers, and presentation materials.

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